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We are a young company with roots and know how dating back to 1955. As a family business, we are constantly trying to increase our standards to deliver the best product experience. The core product portfolio is paper products as well as home accessories such as napkins, table covers, gift wrap, candles etc.

The satisfaction of our customers is of the upmost importance. This is why the company CEO and owner visits every customer personally to understand the needs and wishes of each individual customer. This is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction which in turn provides motivation for constant improvement as well as enhance product development.

All our products are made in Germany and Europe with the environment in mind. High quality standards guarantee a great product experience.
The know-how of the family Kieser in regards to Flexo and Offset production started in 1955 in Augsburg, Bavaria. The family Kieser has been active in in the print industry for many generations and produces party plates, party cups, food packaging as well as many other related items. Through acquisition in 1990 we were able to increase our know-how in the Flexo-Printing industry in regards to products such as napkins, table runners, table covers, gift wrap etc.

Now in 4th generation the decision has been made to create a new company with a new exclusive brand – DOMMOS. DOMMOS has the focus on high quality products. Products such as Napkins, Table Covers, Gift Wrap, Paper Plates are part of the core product portfolio. In close cooperation with special partners and manufacturers from Germany and Europe, we complement our high end DOMMOS collection with other exciting products from all kinds of sectors that relate to exclusive home decorations and accessories.
Although the napkin/paper market is quite crowded, we believe that we can focus on the niche market by offering exclusive products using a special production processes with unique materials and designs. Most existing companies in this sector focus on the mass market and big quantities. This approach guarantees market share but neglects the importance of vital issues such as quality, environmental friendliness, social aspects, exclusivity and the overall consumer experience. Those are the areas that DOMMOS is focusing on. We close the gap and offer exclusive products with the consumer in mind.

Life is moving too fast and we should take a step back and enjoy it a bit more. We should have a greater focus on how we treat ourselves in terms of what we eat and how we eat. As the saying goes „You eat with your eyes first “. This is why we focus on the table setting. The whole eating experience can be enhanced by having nice napkins with a matching table runner and nice candles. Enjoy life, eat healthy, set your table with DOMMOS and impress your family and friends.

The lifestyle Brand at an affordable price!

• Family owned and operated business – fast decision making process

• All products are made in Germany and Europe

• Exclusive use of environmentally friendly certified material

• Short lead times

• Fast, direct and personal customer service

• Wide Range of Products

• Individualization

• Adaptable Concepts for Retailers

• Newest Innovations

• All products are Vegan





Our wide product range enables us to serve a large variety of markets and industries. We create individual concepts for our customer base to meet their needs and requirements. Discover our exclusive product portfolio.

Napkin - dommos.eu


Tissue / Airlaid / Spunlace
Table runner - dommos.eu

Table runner & Table cover

Airlaid / Spunlace
Candle - dommos.eu


Paraffin / Stearin / Soy Wax / Bees Wax
Party Plate und Cup - dommos.eu

Party Plates & Cup

Paper / Plastic
Gift Wrap - dommos.eu

Gift Wrap

Paper in different gsm
>Gift Bag and Gift Box - dommos.eu

Gift Bag & Gift Box

Paper / Carton
Ribbon & Bow - dommos.eu

Ribbon & Bow

PP / Textile

Private Label

We are happy to assist you with the creation of your own, individual collection. Choose from our large product portfolio and create products with your own designs and individual packaging in different product sizes and materials. We are are able to fulfill almost all ideas and wishes. Contact us to find out more.










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